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Our Story

Seamless1 is a well-recognised Hair Extension brand created by Marcel Khoury, who brings to his company over 25 years of experience in the industry. Born out of a desire to source and develop a range of high quality yet affordable hair extensions and Hair Salon Products that set itself apart from the rest, Seamless1 offers extensive range covers Virgin Remy Hair Extensions, Superfood Hair Care Products, Innovative Hair Tools, Hair Accessories and Peptame System.

In partnership with highly regarded partner salons, Seamless1 has trained and educated thousands of hairdressers in the craft of correctly and professionally applying extensions around the world. Marcel says “Every woman worldwide deserves the chance to experience the confidence that longer, sleek, voluminous hair brings. Sexy, chic looks begin with a little black dress and finish with our Seamless1 Hair Extensions. They are the ultimate accessory for the savvy fashionista that looks expensive, but are priced so every lady, whether to add length or thickness or simply for fun, can afford them.” From Sydney to the World!